Friday, July 4, 2008

Poorly Written Instructions for Origami

I was looking for instructions that were poorly written and it seemed to me that I could find a few examples if I looked up how to make origami. It is very difficult to explain to somebody how to make a paper structure using just a written set of instructions.

On this website, the author combined pictures with words. This combination should make it easier for the reader to understand if done properly. Instead the author of these instructions posted pictures of the finished product after each step. This makes it hard to visualize how each of the folds are done. This is key to making origami because one wrong fold could make a completely different figure.

Aside from the pictures that are on the website, the instructions were not written in full sentences. The author uses phrases like " get this" as a step to the process. The wording of the instructions don't always correlate well with the pictures. For example, Step 18 instructs the reader to fold the top flap while the picture looks like the bottom flap is being folded.

The instructions are easy to follow in the beginning because the folds are basic and simple. Once the folds become more complicated the steps are hard to follow and the pictures are unclear.

Instructions for origami folding does not really have any negative effects on a huge business or corporation. It might have an effect on a school teacher who uses these instructions on a project and learns that cranes can't be made only after the students have started making it. This is definitely a waste of time.

In order to improve these instructions, it would be a good idea to include detailed diagrams. These detailed diagrams should demonstrate each of the creases that need to be made along with written instructions on the side. These written instructions should be in full sentences and easy to follow.


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